ИНТЕРЕСНО О ПРОПОЛИСЕ. Многие препараты для педикюрной практики изготавливаются на основе прополиса. Прополис используется при воспалении вросшего ногтя, при грибковых заболеваниях ногтей, при вирусных стержневых мозолях, даже при бородавках. Так что спектр его воздействия весьма велик. Нам поступает большое количество вопросов от мастеров о том, как действует прополис, какой прополис…
  ПРИМЕР ИНТЕЛЛЕКТУАЛЬНОЙ РАБОТЫ С КЛИЕНТОМ. Процедура педикюр. Клиентка женщина, 53 года, работник склада. Работа связанна с постоянным нахождением на ногах. Комплекция средняя. Варикозное расширение вен. Поперечное плоскостопие (Hallux Valgus), большие пальцы развернуты наружу, остальные наплывают друг на друга. Участник проекта проводила исследование, сравнение двух техник педикюра . 1 января…
ПСАММОТЕРАПИЯ – ПЕСОЧНЫЕ ВАННЫ. ПРИМЕНЕНИЕ В ДЕТСКОМ МАНИКЮРЕ. Нагретый до 40-50 градусов сухой песок быстро и равномерно согревает тело, но процедура легко переносится за счет слоя, который прилегает к телу. Он впитывает пот, быстро становится влажным и его температура не превышает 38 градусов. Слой песка может доходить до 6 см.…

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Three of the better quarterback performances of Week 1 of the preseason were turned in by first-round draft picks Deshaun Watson of Houston, Mitchell Trubisky of Chicago and Patrick Mahomes II of Kansas City. Cleveland's DeShone Kizer, a second-round selection, also was impressive in his debut. Here's a closer look at each rookie signal-caller and whether he should be given consideration to start:Yes -- and I believe he has been -- but he has a quarterback the Texans believe to be a better candidate right now in front of him in Tom Savage. Lamar Miller JerseysPublicly, coach Bill O’Brien has not wavered from Savage as his starting quarterback. Though Watson is competing for the job, he has an uphill battle to unseat Savage.

What has been most impressive about your rookie QB?

O'Brien often comments on Watson's maturity and his strong work ethic. He also has mentioned his poise, something we saw on Wednesday night in Charlotte. "He plays the game in a calm way," O'Brien said. "Obviously, nothing's too big for him. J.J. Watt JerseysHe's been in big games. For his first NFL game -- I'm sure he was slightly nervous but it didn't show." And, physically, when plays were breaking down against the Panthers, Jadeveon Clowney JerseysWatson showed off his mobility by extending plays and creating passing lanes.

What's the biggest concern with your rookie QB at this point?

O'Brien hasn't been hesitant when he has said the biggest reason it's so tough for a quarterback to start as a rookie is being able to learn the team's complex playbook. In the preseason opener, Watson was right about 50 percent of the time in knowing the Texans' offensive schemes, which is "to be expected from a rookie," according to O'Brien. Savage has been learning the Texans' offense for four seasons now, Brian Cushing Jerseysso he has a big leg up there on Watson.

Barring injury, when do you think your rookie QB will become the starter?

Watson starting might have less to do with when he shows he's ready and more to do with Savage's play if he struggles and O'Brien feels like he has to make the switch. The head coach has shown in his past two seasons in Houston that he is not shy about benching his starting quarterback if he struggles, so Savage might have a short leash. We could see Watson as early as Week 5 after back-to-back games against the New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans, DeAndre Hopkins Jerseysbut it's more likely Watson plays later in the season.

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